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The Learned Society of Aarhus was founded on 15th October, 1945

The Learned Society of Aarhus holds meetings to discuss scholarly issues and publishes a scholarly series, the Acta Jutlandica.

Members of the Society are ordinary, corresponding or honorary members. Each ordinary member is attached to one of the following five focus areas: humanities, medicine, social sciences, theology, or natural sciences.

Ordinary members are scholars employed at Aarhus University or with another connection to research in Aarhus.

The Society is managed by a committee consisting of a president and five other members:

  • Bo Holm Jacobsen (President, Natural Sciences)
  • Karen Bjerg Petersen (Danish School of Education)
  • Peter Bakker (Treasurer, Arts)
  • Thomas Vorup-Jensen (Health)
  • Mette Skak (Business and Social Sciences)
  • Birte Christensen-Dalsgaard (AU Research)

The Society’s history from 1945 to 1995 has been told by Palle Lykke in "Det lærde selskab i Aarhus" (Aarhus University Press, 1995).

Palle Lykke also gives a brief history of the Society in “The Learned Society of Aarhus: A Brief History”.

The Society’s logo was designed by Mogens Zieler.